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Ogo wheelchair

Ogo wheelchair

A while ago we ran an article on the Ogo wheelchair. The Ogo is now available in Australia (designed and made in NZ) and the price listed on the website is USD $16,995, which is close enough to AUD $21,400 at current rates. Check out this site for more information: http://www.electricvehiclesoceania.com.au/ogo-2/ogo-features-specs/


A community member asked a question about the Ogo:

Grant here, I was wondering what sort of price are they going to be? It sure would be handy with the lawn. I have to use a hand trolley with the mower at the moment. It takes a bit of extra time. Thanks.


The answer is yes, you can push a lawn mower with the Ogo … or walk the dog or take the rubbish bins in and out with it.  It is small and sporty and fun but in the opinion of a community member who tried one, it is also expensive and heavy at 64.8kg, so impossible to get up steps or into a car without ramps, and tricky to take on planes because of the lithium ion battery. But, she added, it is cool and fun!


Quingo Mobility Scooter

The number of mobility scooter users in Australia is growing. The freedom and independence mobility scooters offer translates to an improved quality of life.

Quingo scooter range

3 wheel scooters are agile, but are more easily destabilised, while 4 wheel scooters are stable but have limitations in access. The Quingo http://www.quingo.com.au/ 5-wheel mobility scooter is said to overcome the design limitations of both the 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooter options, according to the supplier. The 5-wheel design offers greater stability, greater agility and greater comfort, that in turn translates to greater safety.


Here are two YouTube videos by the manfacturer about the Quingo scooters.


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