Wheelchair Gardening … is that a thing?

The power of the positive and being outdoors

Ross Minton, a ’30 something’ from the UK, has an undiagnosed rare muscle disability that affects his mobility. He has his own blog https://rossminton.wordpress.com/ a YouTube channel and Twitter feed and is interested in what is possible. He has almost 1,000 subscribers.

Ross Minton’s video – Grow Your Own Life

Check out his video ‘Grow Your Own Life’ or any of the other bunch of his videos on outdoor activities possible with disability and the benefits to be gained.


Another video, this time from North America, is all about wheelchair gardening, or more accurately, wheelchair farming!

This is a serious operation with a custom-designed wheelchair that you can make yourself. There are a stack of videos in the series by the same maker that are worth a look as well.



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