Young Carer Bursary Program

Supporting carers’ education


Are you 25 or younger and caring for a family member, partner, friend or child?  Caring can mean personal care, giving medications, emotional support, household chores and more. If so, the Young Carers Network ( wants to help! They realize the importance of what you do and they are available with support services, advice and assistance, including financial assistance.

Full time carers can apply for carer payments to help with the cost of living. Part time carers can apply for a carer’s allowance to help with the cost of caring. Read more …


The Young Carer Bursary Program supports young carers to return to or continue with their education. The program offers 1,000 bursaries of $3,000 each year.

Young carers across Australia can apply until 8 September … Act now!

About the bursary program:

  • you must be 12-25 years old
  • studying at high school level or beyond, up to and including your first undergraduate degree
  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident

Learn more about the bursary program:

Learn more about financial assistance:

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