Botox fails to make a difference

Treating spasticity in HSP


Botox injection
Botox injection

A new study from Brazil that has yet to be published shows that Botox failed to make much of a difference to outcomes when used to treat spasticity in adults with HSP.


This is in contrast to Israeli research from 2010 were Botox was used to treat spasticity in children with HSP and found to have beneficial effects for a period of up to 6 months after injection.

The Brazilian study was presented at a recent conference in Sydney with the results of treatment for 11 patients with pure hereditary spastic paraplegia. The average age of the patients was 41.5 and they had been diagnosed with the disorder for 23.5 years on average. All were without significant lower limb weakness but all had significant spasticity.

One of the reviewers of the conference presentation said:”The problem with this disease is that there are two major aspects, spasticity which can be improved with botulinum toxin and generalized lower body weakness, which is not helped by the toxin injections. Hence the overall improvement is minimal.”

Read the full report.


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